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Published: 11th November 2009
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Eben W. Pagan a.k.a. David DeAngelo, is very popular in the dating and pickup community. Not as a pickup artist like Mystery or Julian Foxx but as a dating expert. He was a student of Ross Jeffries and was known as Sisonpyh but he separated and developed his own methods and beliefs. He authored the Double Your Dating ebook which is a series of dating tutorials and was also the sole product of DeAngelo's enterprise, "Double Your Dating." Though he also released other products about dating like Advanced Dating series and Deep Inner Game.

Some of the dating terms that were popularized by David DeAngelo are:

* The Inner Wuss: a character trait of men developed through time that causes them to become submissive around women in order to get their approval. Pagan claims that women prefer men who are of higher status than they.

* Cocky and funny: also known as 'cocky comedy' can be called flirting, this refers to combination of arrogance and humor. A humorous mock arrogance intended to communicate with intelligence and being 'a challenge'. Pagan points out that it is important to get the balance right, as just using 'cocky' "comes across as insecure, and comedy alone usually comes across as goofy and dumb." "Cocky and Funny" is often abbreviated as "C&F."

* Counterintuitive behavior: Pagan's description of some of his techniques to attract women, as they are the opposite of what most people think is attractive. Examples of such behavior include teasing a woman offhandedly and refusing to compliment her appearance. Can also be phrased as Don't behave in a boring or predictable way.

* Life changes: Pagan reiterates that the purpose of his programs is to effect a complete personality and lifestyle change among men that will help them achieve dating success.

* Emulate the Successful: Pagan encourages the following and emulation of those successful with women. He records interviews with those very successful in dating and releases them monthly as part of a subscription service.

* Sexual Communication: Pagan's principle of a 'secret mating language' or 'secret mating dance' that takes place between a man and a woman before they can mate.

* Reframing: Restructuring one's own beliefs set into a new one, such as changing self-doubt to positive thinking.

source: Wikipedia

David DeAngelo has undoubtedly contributed much in the dating community. His methods are widely used by most men.

You also gotta read the opinion of Julian Foxx about David DeAngelo to know more truth about him.;)

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